350 Albert Street, Suite 1220
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1A4
Phone: (613) 748-0057
Fax: (613) 748-9078
Email: [email protected]

Annik Aubry
Director, Communications and Social Media
Phone: (613) 748-0057 ext. 325
Mobile: (613) 668-1125
Email: [email protected]


  • Timothy M. Egan Biography PDF
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Extension: 300
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  • John Adams
    Managing Director, Natural Gas Innovation Fund
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  • Annik Aubry
    Director, Communications and Social Media
    Extension: 325
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  • Nathalie Bousquet
    Executive Assistant to President and CEO/
    Corporate Secretary (CGA, CNGVA, NGIF)
    Extension: 304
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  • Paul Cheliak 
    Vice-President, Public and Regulatory Affairs
    Extension: 316
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  • Emily Copp
    Junior Graphic Designer
    Extension: 328
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  • Claudia Gongora Boles
    Director, Finance and Administration
    Extension: 327
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  • Bryan Gormley
    Director, Policy, Economics and Information
    Extension: 315
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  • Kim Hendsbee
    Administrative Coordinator | Office Manager
    Extension: 320
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  • Jessica Ibrahim
    Senior Communications Advisor | Multimedia Designer
    Extension: 308
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  • Kevin Larmer
    Manager, Innovation and Markets
    Extension: 314
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  • David McConkey, M.Eng. 
    Director, Operations, Safety and Security
    Extension: 302
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  • Deborah Pfeil
    Senior Coordinator, Operations, Innovation and Markets 
    Extension: 303
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  • Aysha Raad
    Manager, Government Affairs
    Extension: 310
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  • Jim Tweedie
    Vice-President, Operations and Market Affairs
    Extension: 311
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