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 This data portal brings together charts of key time series information on the natural gas industry in Canada, the United States and North America.

A range of information is available including natural gas sales, natural gas prices, crude oil prices, heating degree days and storage.

Title/Subject Region Link
1. Natural Gas Storage, monthly Canada & North America (chart & data)
2. Heating Degree Days, monthly Canada & North America (chart & data)
3. Natural Gas Prices, monthly U.S. (chart & data)
4. Natural Gas Prices, monthly Global (chart & data)
5. Energy Commodity Prices, monthly Canada (chart & data)
6. Natural Gas Drilling, annual Western Canada (chart & data)
7. Natural Gas Production, annual North America (chart & data)
8. Natural Gas Resources – North America, annual North America (chart & data)
9. Natural Gas Resources – Canada, annual Canada (chart & data)
10. Exports, Imports and Sales, annual Canada (chart & data)
11. Natural Gas Final Demand, annual Canada (chart & data)
12. Energy Final Demand, annual Canada (chart & data)
13. Natural Gas Employment, annual Canada (chart & data)
14. Natural Gas GDP, annual Canada (chart & data)
15. Natural Gas Investment, annual Canada (chart & data)
16. Natural Gas Distribution System, annual Canada (chart & data)
17. Natural Gas Customers Canada (chart & data)
18. Natural Gas Sales by Customer Type Canada (chart & data)
19. Residential Heating Costs Canada (chart & data)
20. Residential Heating Types Canada (chart & data)
21. CGA Member Utilities Canada (map)

Last page update: Friday May 15, 2015

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Natural gas will become an even larger part of the energy mix as Canada
seeks to ensure the sustainability of its energy supply, reduce
energy-related costs and reap the benefits of greater efficiency.


Natural Gas Statistics

$2.98 billion

That’s how much Canada’s natural gas distribution industry invested in 2011 in the transmission and distribution pipeline system.