We Are

Founded in 1907, The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s natural gas delivery industry and its members are distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers.  Natural gas has a central place in Canada’s energy mix meeting 35 per cent of the country’s energy needs.  In homes, apartments, buildings, businesses, hospitals and schools, customers representing two-thirds of Canadians rely on natural gas for heat and power.

CGA works to:

  • Build the understanding of our product, natural gas;
  • Advance efficiency and innovation in the energy and economy discourse;
  • Drive for improved regulatory engagement;
  • Ensure continuous improvements in safety and integrity management; and
  • Pursue partnerships to better deliver energy services to Canadians.

We also develop educational information and organize and sponsor training schools, workshops, seminars and conferences to foster dialogue on energy policy and achieve a better understanding of natural gas.

Board of Directors

Cynthia Hansen

Executive Vice-President and President, Enbridge Gas Inc.


D. Jason Sharpe, P.Eng., MBA

President, ATCO Gas

1st Vice-Chair

Roger Dall’Antonia

President and CEO, FortisBC & FortisBC Energy Inc.

2nd Vice-Chair

Leigh Ann Shoji-Lee, P.Eng.

President, Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.

Past Chair

Tracy Robinson, ICD.D

Executive Vice-President and President Natural Gas Pipelines, TC Energy Corporation

Executive Member

Timothy M. Egan

Canadian Gas Association

President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association and Chair, NGIF Capital Corporation

Alex Chiang, MBA

Vice President, Customer Solutions and Experience, Manitoba Hydro

Board Member

Graeme Feltham, P.Eng., MBA

Apex Utilities Inc.

Board Member

Ken From, P. Eng.

President and CEO, SaskEnergy

Board Member

John Hawkins, P.Eng.

President, Heritage Gas Ltd.

Board Member

Éric Lachance

President and CEO, Énergir

Board Member

James McDonald

Director, Sales & Marketing Canada, Romet Limited

Board Member

Sam Schneider

President and CEO, CR Wall & Co. Inc.

Board Member

Jean-Benoit Trahan, B.econ, MBA

Manager, Finance, Regulatory Affairs and Public Affairs, Gazifère Inc.

Board Member

Gilles Volpé

Vice-President, New Brunswick Liberty Utilities

Board Member

About the Industry

For more than a century, natural gas companies have been meeting the energy needs of Canadians across the country. Today, through more than 566,000 kilometers of transmission and distribution pipeline and natural gas storage facilities, affordable natural gas is delivered to over two-thirds of Canadians.  Canadians use natural gas primarily to heat our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses; but we also use it to generate electricity, fuel vehicles, and power appliances.

Natural gas plays an important part in Canada’s energy mix meeting 35 per cent of Canada’s energy needs. Over the last decade Canada’s natural gas utilities added over one million new customers – including homes, businesses and industries – to the gas system. The growing demand for natural gas underscores the point that more Canadians want to have access to clean and affordable energy. Looking forward, the Canadian Energy Regulator forecasts natural gas will become the largest energy source in Canada by 2035.

The industry understands that the energy landscape is evolving and we know that natural gas will remain a vital and growing part of that landscape. From renewable gases to natural gas transportation to energy efficiency to a host of other opportunities, we are committed to a future that leverages our infrastructure and drives innovation. Our product and infrastructure have played a central role in helping Canadians achieve our quality of life, not only because it offers a reliable energy source to Canadians when they need it most, but also because it has delivered affordable energy. That has meant significant savings for consumers, and it has meant growth for our economy as investors have been attracted to our markets’ low energy input costs. We take pride in our past, and are committed to a future of continued growth for Canada, using our products and our infrastructure to help deliver our country’s social, environmental and economic well-being.

For more information about the industry, take a look at the Canadian Gas Association’s Corporate Profile.

Partners and Initiatives

Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF)

The Natural Gas Innovation Fund™ was created by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) to support the funding of cleantech innovation in the natural gas value chain. It seeks to fill a technology development gap in the sector and invest in innovation enabling natural gas solutions for current and emerging challenges facing Canada’s energy system.

Natural Gas Innovation Fund


Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA)

The Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance advocates on behalf of Canada’s natural gas transportation industry. Natural gas vehicle technologies provide proven, commercially available transportation solutions that reduce emissions while using lower cost fuel.

Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance


Canadian Energy Partnership for Environmental Innovation (CEPEI)

A collaboration of Canada’s major natural gas transmission and distribution companies and Environment and Climate Change Canada, CEPEI develops technical tools and information related to environmental management and energy efficiency to support the Canadian natural gas industry.

Canadian Energy Partnership for Environmental Innovation