Health and Safety

The Canadian Gas Association’s Safety Awards for Excellence mark the achievements of the natural gas industry’s efforts to improve health and safety.

Corporate SAFE Awards

These are awarded for injury avoidance/reduction and vehicular safety, based on statistics collected by the CGA Health and Safety Committee.

  • Employee SAFE Award
  • Vehicular SAFE Award

Leadership SAFE Awards

These are awarded to individuals who go above and beyond to demonstrate leadership in health and safety.

  • Worker SAFE Award
  • Public SAFE Award
  • Lifetime Achievement SAFE Award

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Customer Service

Michael Mulcahy Award for Excellence and Innovation in Customer Care and Service

Recognizing significant achievement (over and above everyday activities) by members of the gaseous energy industry in the area of innovative care and service to the industry’s users/customers including community engagement.

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Environmental Stewardship Awards

These are awarded for superior performance in the operation/maintenance of gaseous infrastructure leading towards a cleaner future.

  • Operating Practices Award
  • Innovation in Emissions Reductions Award

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Human Resources

Young Business Leaders of the Year

Recognizing emerging leaders (40 years of age and under) in the gaseous energy industry who have demonstrated their potential to guide/pilot the gaseous energy industry of the future from a business, environmental, regulatory and/or public service perspective.

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President’s Award for Excellence

Recognizing significant leadership by a person, group or organization in dealing with and/or addressing major events or incidents, unique or special circumstances/situations – those deemed out of the ordinary, that an organization has encountered.

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Past Recipients