2016 CGA President’s Award for Excellence

Recognizing significant leadership by a person, group or organization in dealing with and/or addressing major events or incidents, unique or special circumstances/situations – those deemed out of the ordinary, that an organization has encountered.

Recipient: ATCO – Fort McMurray 2016 Wildfires

ATCO submitted nominations for their “all hands-on deck” efforts during the Fort McMurray 2016 Wildfires in both the Public Safety and Worker Safety categories.

The H&S Committee felt there was a need to have separate Safety Leadership recognition for extreme conditions during major events as well as the recognition the CGA Safety Awards provides for continuing day-to-day efforts. The CGA created a separate “President’s Award” for cases where CGA members achieve public and worker health and safety excellence under extreme circumstances.

ATCO received the first CGA President’s Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE) for their extraordinary success in the areas of worker and public safety throughout their efforts during the Fort McMurray 2016 Wildfires.