About CGA

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) membership features a number of gas distributors, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and manufacturer’s agents, pipeline construction and contractors, other service companies, international/multi-disciplined service organizations, HVAC and retail market contractors, other energy industry companies, legal, consulting services and multi-disciplined organizations, other as associations and individuals.

Membership Benefits

CGA Vision: Canada’s natural gas and its natural gas delivery infrastructure are recognized as essential to meet the long-term energy service needs of customers and the economy as a whole in an affordable, reliable, and environmentally sound manner.

CGA Purpose: CGA works to demonstrate to energy influencers the value proposition of natural gas and natural gas delivery infrastructure for customers and our economy as a whole.

CGA Goals: For our fuel and our infrastructure, CGA works to:

  1. Continuously improve safety and integrity (Lead: Standing Committee on Operations and Safety)
  2. Help ensure the most efficient regulatory environment (Lead: Standing Committee on Regulatory Affairs)
  3. Advance innovative market development (Lead: Standing Committee on Innovation and Markets)
  4. Drive a positive public discourse (Leads: Standing Committee on Government Affairs/G5)

Become a Member

To become a member of the Canadian Gas Association, please fill out and submit the form below. Note that at this time, we do not offer individual or student memberships.