In July 2023, the energy world came to Canada: Canadian Gas Association was proud to host LNG2023 in Vancouver, BC, the world’s biggest Liquefied Natural Gas event. Close to 15,000 delegates from more than 85 countries gathered to discuss opportunities to enhance global energy security, affordability and environmental performance with LNG. Canada is home to some of the world’s most affordable and cleanest natural gas, and to an industry that seeks constantly to improve that offering. The industry meets 38% of Canada’s energy needs, and its pioneering low-emission LNG will play a key role in supplying secure, lower-emission energy to the growing world — we welcomed the opportunity to talk about it at LNG2023.

Natural gas is a foundational fuel in Canada today. Looking forward, we see its role growing as its affordability and reliability advantages become more and more apparent to Canadians. Add to this the fact that Canada’s natural gas industry is a leader in improving its environmental performance, driving the innovation agenda with new fuels like RNG and hydrogen, deploying new technologies for efficient use and methane capture, and in economic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples of Canada who increasingly participate in the industry as owners. You can see why the industry is energized about its future. New developments are happening all the time and this issue features one of them: the April 2023, Tourmaline Oil Corp. and Clean Energy announcement of a major joint investment to build CNG stations on key highways across Western Canada.

These developments underscore a reality for Canadians: their desire for energy choice. Recent public opinion research showed that a whopping 84% of Canadians want to be able to choose the kind of energy they receive. With the ongoing push by the current federal government to make electricity the main, and in some cases, the only source of energy for Canadians, the right to choose is at risk. In this issue, we asked our political commentators to provide their perspectives on the prospect of Canadians losing the right to choose how they heat their homes, the risks associated with this, and what history tells us about similar scenarios.

Unfortunately, another energy reality for Canadians is the spread of misinformation about the health impacts of natural gas. This showed through the widespread pickup of stories about negative health impacts from gas stoves, causing undue public alarm. Cooking on any surface can create air quality issues, but that wasn’t the message that made headlines for several news cycles earlier this year when a U.S. official hinted at a ban on gas stoves due to claims of health risks. This sparked a political debate across the United States, which made its way to Canada. In this issue, we feature an in-depth analysis of how the American Gas Association responded to this debate.

Canada’s gas delivery industry works hard to ensure Canadians get the clean, affordable, and reliable energy they need. It all starts with the people of the industry. This issue profiles the recipients of CGA’s 2023 Young Business Leaders Award — notable young professionals who have outstanding technical expertise and leadership practices to ensure the industry keeps delivering for Canadians.

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