As we continue to put the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns behind us, the concerns surrounding global energy security, particularly in Europe, are growing. With the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine and as the winter approaches, Europe is looking to nations like Canada to step up and provide support. Canada continues to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine and other parts of Europe during this crisis, but Russia’s actions have also sent shockwaves through the global energy market, threatening supply and affordability.

Russia is one of the world’s largest energy producers and has been an important supplier of energy to Europe for a long time. European countries that have increasingly relied on Russian oil and gas are now looking to sever ties and are trying to find alternative sources and suppliers. Canada is well-positioned to help.

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) has written several letters to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighting how Canada can be positioned to lead the global energy conversation and help support and ensure energy security in Europe and the world. In this issue of ENERGY Magazine, the second of 2022, we explore several topics around the energy security question. Our Commentators section kicks this off with some differing political perspectives on how Canada can support the European Union and Ukraine during these challenging times.

Further to our letter-writing efforts to the PM, CGA has engaged ambassadors from several European Union nations regarding those countries’ growing energy concerns and how the Canadian natural gas industry can help. This issue features an in-depth interview with the Polish Ambassador to Canada, Witold Dzielski regarding the energy security conversation in Europe and Poland in particular, and what Canada might do.

In addition, as always, we also had several engaging conversations with leaders from inside and outside the gas industry and we include them here. You’ll find an interview with Dimitry Anastakis, a business historian and Professor at University of Toronto, and with Crystal Smith, Chief Councillor of the Haisla Nation and Chair of the First Nations LNG Alliance.

Canada’s gaseous energy delivery industry is committed to innovation and is always exploring new technologies to improve its offering. This issue also highlights exciting activity and innovation happening in the gas delivery industry and how the industry is looking for pathways to deliver on the government of Canada’s net zero targets.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused countries around the world to assess their energy security. Canada’s gas delivery industry has always been and will continue to be committed to serving Canadians – and indeed the world – with clean, affordable, and reliable energy. We hope you find this issue of ENERGY Magazine informative and insightful on some dimensions of that commitment. If you have comments or wish to engage on anything you’ve read here, please reach out. Thank you.