As we write this, just a few months into 2022, it seems more than a year’s worth of unprecedented activity has already occurred: the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa in response to COVID mandates, related protests elsewhere in Canada and around the world, the unprecedented invocation of the Emergencies Act and related actions by government — and the reactions to those actions (again in Canada and around the world) — and most recently the unprovoked attack by Russia of Ukraine and the horrific war that continues there. After two years of pandemic and lockdowns, we hoped we would be returning to calm and normal in 2022. What we have though is great uncertainty: inflationary pressures, geopolitical instability, and continued concern about how we recover from COVID and its aftereffects.

Energy is at the very centre of the global conversation in the midst of all this, and this issue of ENERGY Magazine focuses on that key reality:

  • Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, provides us with an op-ed on how Canada can support global energy needs in this time of crisis.
  • We take a look at how the gas industry in the United States is reinforcing its cybersecurity — to ensure energy infrastructure and operations are resilient and protected against attacks of any kind.
  • Our Commentators give us their perspectives on energy affordability as people try to make ends meet in the face of rising prices.

As always, we try to get some in-depth perspective from leaders inside and outside the energy industry. This issue’s inside perspective is provided by President and CEO of FortisBC, Roger Dall’Antonia. And our outside perspective (focusing on LNG) is given by incoming Rio Tinto Chair and former Canadian Ambassador to China, Dominic Barton.

We also look to the future with profiles of nominees for CGA’s inaugural Young Business Leaders award, and with technology updates on gas heat pumps, hydrogen blending, and CNG in vehicle fleets.

Through any difficult time, Canada’s gas delivery industry works hard to ensure Canadians get the clean, affordable, and reliable energy they need. That need is a global one, as many in this issue of ENERGY highlight, and more and more the opportunity for Canada to step up and meet that need is becoming apparent. We hope you find the content here insightful during these challenging times. As always, feel free to comment.

Thank you.