We are approaching the mid-point of 2021 and the “lockdown of a few weeks” brought about in response to COVID-19 in March 2020 is now well into its second year. However, as vaccination programs begin to gather momentum, people are feeling more hopeful about an end to all of this.

There is also momentum within Canada’s natural gas delivery industry, as it continues to deliver essential energy services to communities across the country. Serving our customers in the safest way possible, while continuing to deliver clean and affordable energy, remains the core priority. But as we look to an end to lockdowns we have a number of questions on our minds: How can the natural gas industry support economic recovery in Canada? How can we leverage natural gas and its infrastructure to support ever-expanding environmental objectives? What is the natural gas industry’s role in serving communities of all sizes across the country?

These are the questions we explore in this first issue of ENERGY Magazine for 2021. Here, you can read articles on: exciting developments in cleantech support from the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) and the new NGIF Capital Corporation; a small city Mayor’s perspective with our interview with Mayor Lori Ackerman of Fort St. John, BC; thoughts from political insiders on Canada’s carbon tax plan; the hydrogen opportunity; and a profile on ATCO’s new President, Natural Gas, Jason Sharpe.

Even though Canada is still in the midst of managing COVID-19 and lockdowns, and the dreadful impacts they continues to have on our daily lives, the natural gas delivery industry has maintained its focus on Canada’s energy needs. The industry is working hard to make sure Canada not only recovers from this unexpected downturn, but builds back stronger for a better future.

I hope you find the articles in this issue of ENERGY informative and insightful. I invite you to reach out if you have any comments or suggestions. Thank you.