This issue of ENERGY addresses a series of topics that are keeping our industry very busy these days. The first is electrification, and energy consultant Richard Laszlo discusses the implications of the agenda on it, outlining as an alternative what he describes as a more balanced approach using multiple energy systems. Whereas electrification is an expensive risk, innovation can be a cost-effective investment opportunity delivering better outcomes. Dennis Lanthier explores three emerging Natural Gas Innovation Fund clean tech portfolio companies that are pursuing the opportunity. Our political commentators, for their part, discuss the Liberal minority victory in October’s election, and what it means for our industry. From there, we go abroad, as the global energy conversation is increasingly important for Canada.The first is a piece by Mel Ydreos, who tells of his personal journey as a Canadian working with the International Gas Union to promote the greater use of natural gas around the world. Our regular columnist Dina O’Meara, interviews the American Gas Association’s new President and CEO, Karen Harbert. And finally, Christopher Sands looks at what impacts Brexit will have on the UK’s energy industry. I hope that you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did, and as always, I invite you to send me your thoughts on topics for us to consider for future issues.