Where is your company located?

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada’s (ULC) head office is located in Toronto, ON and has offices and laboratories in Richmond, B.C., Ottawa, ON, and Montreal, QC.  A new office and laboratory will also be opening in Edmonton, AB by the end of 2018.

How many employees do you have?

Globally UL LLC has over 14,000 employees with approximately 258 staff located across Canada.

What is the company’s priority over the next five years?

ULC continues to grow its resources and capabilities to better serve the Canadian natural gas sector, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.  ULC continues to support the industry in meeting regulatory requirements within Canada, but also with those manufacturers and distributors wishing to access the North American and global market for their products.  With a new gas testing lab open in our Toronto facility and one soon to open in Edmonton, ULC continues to invest to support the natural gas sector.

What opportunities and challenges does your company face?

ULC is well-positioned to grow as a trusted assurance partner for Canada’s natural gas industry as we continue to add the resources and capabilities industry expects from its third-party certification body.  ULC is growing and will continue to expand to meet industry needs.  Outside influences such as regulatory and policy changes continue to create challenges, but ULC is adept at keeping our customers current and compliant.  Like many within the industry, a key challenge will continue to be attracting youth and expertise to the organization and continuing to grow our capabilities.

In your opinion, what will be the role of natural gas in the next 50 years?

ULC firmly believes that natural gas will continue to grow in Canada’s energy supply mix, from power generation and natural resource extraction, to commercial, residential and transportation needs.  It should no longer be viewed as a “bridge fuel” in Canada’s energy economy, but rather an integral part of our national growth and prosperity.   As a safe, reliable and cleaner carbon fuel source, ULC believes natural gas, in its many forms, is key to maintaining Canada’s diverse energy mix, and we will be there to support Canada’s natural gas industry every step of the way.