CGA Energy Nexus & Annual Technical Conference 2023

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CGA will host its first-ever joint Energy Nexus & Annual Technical Conference in Calgary, April 17–20, 2023. The two flagship events are being brought together in 2023 to offer a one-stop event for the entire industry.

Join colleagues in a forum on the growing role of gaseous energy — natural gas, hydrogen, and RNG — in Canada, where we will challenge traditional ways of thinking on global energy and LNG markets, innovation, affordability, resiliency, changing customer expectations, net zero, and more. The week will consist of industry-leading plenary and roundtable discussions, and concurrent sessions. The event will include measurement and regulation training opportunities along with technical presentations typical of the long-standing Gas Measurement and Regulation School. Staying true to the Energy Nexus and ATC events, we will explore topics from both policy and technical perspectives.


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