CGA Annual Technical Conference

*Find Your Energy*

The CGA has been an important hub for technical information for decades. There have been a series of highly valuable annual events that CGA has run over the years with the Gas Measurement & Regulation School (GMRS) and Operations Engineering Integrity & Construction (OEIC) Conference being mainstays in the industry. In 2022, we are excited to join the CGA technical events into a single conference– the CGA Annual Technical Conference (ATC). This combined event will cover all operational areas included under the OEIC and GMRS banners and thereby provide a single information exchange and hub for technical learning in the Canadian gas industry.

In 2022, with the inaugural ATC theme, Find Your Energy, we will explore leading developments in the Canadian gas industry as we work together to build an ever reliable and ever clean energy system which will position Canadians for an affordable and prosperous future.

Join us at the Toronto Sheraton, June 6 – June 9th, 2022, and Find Your Energy!

Program and registration coming soon.

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