This data portal brings together charts of key time series information on the natural gas industry in Canada, the United States and North America. A range of information is available including natural gas sales, natural gas prices, heating degree days and storage.

  1. Natural Gas Storage, monthly Canada (chart)
  2. Heating Degree Days, monthly Canada (chart)
  3. Natural Gas Prices, monthly Canada (chart)
  4. Natural Gas Prices, monthly Global (chart)
  5. Energy Commodity Prices, monthly Canada (chart)
  6. Natural Gas Drilling, annual Western Canada (chart)
  7. Natural Gas Production, annual Canada (chart)
  8. Natural Gas Resources – North America, annual Canada (chart)
  9. Natural Gas Resources – Canada, annual Canada (chart)
  10. Exports, Imports and Sales, annual Canada (chart)
  11. Natural Gas Final Demand, annual Canada (chart)
  12. Energy Final Demand, annual Canada (chart)
  13. Natural Gas Employment, annual Canada (chart)
  14. Natural Gas GDP, annual Canada (chart)
  15. Natural Gas Investment, annual Canada (chart)
  16. Natural Gas Distribution System, annual Canada (chart)
  17. Natural Gas Customers Canada (chart)
  18. Natural Gas Sales by Customer Type Canada (chart)
  19. Residential Heating Costs Canada (chart)
  20. Residential Heating Types Canada (chart)
  21. CGA Member Utilities Canada (map)
  22. Industry at a Glance Utilities Canada (PDF)