Direct and Indirect Job Creation

The Canadian Gas Association’s members representing natural gas distribution utilities, employ over 12,500 Canadians on a full-time basis. A further 29,600 persons are directly employed in the upstream extraction and pipeline transmission segments of the industry. The real employment opportunity is represented by the benefit affordable energy delivers as a competitive advantage — attracting commercial and industrial employers and creating many indirect jobs because of it.

Source: CGA and Statistics Canada

Significant Annual Investment

Over the past decade, Canada’s natural gas distribution utilities have invested over $47 billion in new capital projects and the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of existing systems. In 2022 alone, CGA members invested over $6.2 billion.

Source: CGA and Statistics Canada

Benefits Canadian Families

Natural gas is less than half the cost of other competing fuel options in Canada. Residential consumers can save between $500 and $2,300 per year by switching to natural gas. Families who save money on energy costs introduce those savings back into the economy and that helps support the creation of further goods and services.

A Foundation for Economic Competitiveness

Manufacturers and businesses of all sizes and across all sectors need affordable energy to create new jobs in Canada and compete and grow globally. When companies see high energy prices, investment in Canada is unattractive and unattainable.

Source: CGA and Statistics Canada