What is CHP?

Combined heat and power (CHP), sometimes called cogeneration, is an energy system that produces both electricity and heat from a single fuel source on-site. This means, instead of purchasing both electricity and natural gas or another fuel for heating, a natural gas-based CHP plant uses natural gas for the production of electricity and captures the waste heat generated from the process to use for space and water heating. Our graphic below shows how this might work in a hospital.


Emissions Reductions

CHP plants require less fuel to generate the same amount of energy as conventional power plants resulting in emission reductions.

Improved Efficiency

CHP systems used in industrial or commercial applications are approximately 70% efficient. Micro CHP installations see much higher efficiencies at approximately 80 to 90%.

Lower Energy Costs

Natural gas is an abundant and affordable energy choice. Using it and CHP will help offset higher electricity costs.