Canada Chosen to Host Global Gas Innovation Event – IGRC2024

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is pleased to announce Canada has been selected by the International Gas Union (IGU) to host the next International Gas Research Conference (IGRC2024). This conference will be held in Banff, Alberta in May 2024.

First held in Chicago in 1980, the IGRC is a global forum bringing leading experts from around the world together. It is the signature event for the global industry to discuss research, development, and innovation.

“In the ongoing developing of IGU’s event portfolio, we have placed greater emphasis on innovations and enhancements,” said IGU President Prof J.M. (Joe) Kang, “and in selecting Canada, IGU has an IGRC2024 host that is one of the world’s largest producers, exporters and consumers of natural gas, and understands the importance of innovation throughout that value chain.”

That focus on innovation is being led at CGA by the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF).  NGIF was created by CGA in 2017 to provide funding for clean technology solutions for the natural gas industry. Since its creation NGIF has invested in almost 50 start-up companies with the potential to deliver significant economic and environmental benefits across the value chain. By 2024, it is expected that NGIF will have supported more than 100 young companies which we hope to profile at IGRC.

“Hosting IGRC2024 comes at an exciting and critical time as we work to build an even better gas industry to serve millions around the world with affordable, reliable, clean gaseous energy” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association. “The value proposition of gas is a global one, and that means calling on the expertise of the global industry, including our fellow IGU members and the many technology companies worldwide working with gaseous fuels, to join us at IGRC2024,” Egan continued.

As the host of IGRC2024, CGA intends to develop a number of thematic streams to explore during the conference, including emissions management across the natural gas value chain, alternative gaseous fuels such as hydrogen and biomethane, gas-electric integration, small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications for remote communities, and others.

While IGRC2024 is still three years away, CGA plans to hold virtual events leading up to 2024. These online forums will be a platform for ongoing discussions about the gas industry and its work world-wide to drive innovation, energy affordability, energy resilience, and environmental performance.

About CGA:
The Canadian Gas Association is the voice of Canada’s natural gas delivery industry. Its membership includes natural gas distribution and transmission companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers to the industry. Our utility members are active in eight provinces and two territories and meet 35% of Canadians’ energy needs through a network of more than 566,000 kilometers of underground infrastructure. This infrastructure can also be used to deliver renewable gases including renewable natural gas and hydrogen, in order to contribute to Canada’s greenhouse gas emission reductions. Today, over 20 million Canadians rely on natural gas for clean affordable and reliable energy.

Aysha Raad
Director of Communications
Canadian Gas Association

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