Natural Gas Transmission Companies

Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Contractors

Excellence: We are committed to excellence in the product sales and services provisions that we offer to CGA utility and pipeline member companies.

Stakeholder commitment: We provide comprehensive and positive service to meet the requirements of all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate.

Continuous improvement: We continually strengthen our sales and service offerings through ongoing improvements in our product profile offerings, sales and service capabilities and market focus.

Integrity: We adhere to and support the principles of supplier to customer corporate covenant and integrity, and we will abide by the CGA Competition Act Compliance Guidelines.

CGA good-standing members: We commit to supporting the Canadian natural gas industry and as such will support and participate in the association as good-standing CGA members.

The suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors of goods and services to the natural gas delivery industry members who are currently members of CGA:

Natural Gas Equipment Certification and Approvals