The natural gas delivery industry serves households and businesses across the country. With the data that stems from this energy delivery, the Canadian Gas Association is able to provide information and analysis to enhance understanding of Canada’s natural gas sector.

  • What household costs have increased the most?

    In this issue we look at two charts based on data from Statistics Canada that show how various household operation costs have increased over the past 20 years.

  • Remarkable growth in natural gas customer base

    In this issue we highlight the remarkably strong growth seen in consumers adopting natural gas in Canada over the past decade.

  • High efficiency natural gas furnaces’ ascendancy

    In this issue we chart how high efficiency natural gas furnaces have become the most sought after furnace in the market.

  • How fast is the natural gas customer base growing?

    In this issue we chart how the customer base using natural gas in Canada has been growing over the past decade.

  • Demystifying energy measurement units

    In this issue of By the Numbers we look at how the commonly used units of measurement of the various forms of energy (electricity, gasoline, natural gas, diesel fuel, home heating oil, etc.) are related. The goal is to make it easier to compare them on an energy content basis.

  • Natural gas is the most used energy form by 2035

    In this issue of By the Numbers we look at how the demand for end-use forms of energy such as electricity, refined petroleum products (like gasoline and diesel fuel), biofuels and natural gas, is expected to change over the coming decades.

  • Residential energy costs: past, present, and future

    In this issue of By the Numbers we look at the long term history, current level, and future outlook for the main residential energy cost options.

  • The battery no one talks about: natural gas storage in Canada

    The Canadian natural gas system has the capacity to store about 850 billion cubic feet (bcf) of natural gas.

  • How is the natural gas heating season looking?

    In this issue we look at how this winter’s heating season is progressing in Canada and how natural gas markets are responding.