The Canadian Gas Association’s (CGA) Corporate Profile provides a snapshot of overall industry activities and other select information. Data is collected from all CGA local distribution and transmission organizations across the country. Included in the list of organizations providing data are some companies with both distribution and transmission assets as well as companies with both gas and electric assets (sometimes called “combination companies”). CGA members are responsible for almost 100% of all Canadian natural gas delivery.

Where appropriate, some of the data has been aggregated into industry totals and some broken down by organization.

This report provides data first as a National Summary, and then broken down into the following categories: Company Dimensions, Plant Information, Financial Information, Fleet Information, Operational Information, Damage Prevention and Health and Safety.

The charts in the Corporate Profile are presented in ascending order. The statistical comparisons are primarily shown to compare relative sizes of organizations with respect to customers, employees and facilities.

Wherever practical, transmission* and distribution** statistics are separated for comparison and clarity.


*Transmission generally refers to pipelines that transport natural gas from gathering or storage facilities to distribute on facilities.

**Distribution generally refers to piping systems that deliver odourized natural gas from transmission facilities to end-users. Only CGA members’ data is reported for both Transmission & Distribution totals.