Recognizing Leaders in Safety

The Canadian Gas Association Safety Awards mark the achievements of the natural gas industry’s commitment to continuously improve health and safety.

Two CGA Corporate Safety Awards and three Leadership Safety Awards can be bestowed annually.

CGA Corporate Safety Awards:

These are awarded for injury reduction and vehicular safety, based on statistics collected by the CGA Health and Safety Committee.

CGA Leadership Safety Awards Include:

The CGA Public Safety Award is presented to individuals or groups within the natural gas delivery industry who make significant contributions to public safety in Canada. This award recognizes excellence and leadership in promoting public awareness and education about the safe use of natural gas and the safety measures required when working with natural gas infrastructure.

The CGA Worker Safety Leadership Award is presented to an individual or individuals who has/have made an exceptional difference to health and safety. The award recognizes workers who go beyond normal expectations for their position to demonstrate leadership in safety and create a better work environment for a healthier and safer workplace.

The CGA Career Safety Leadership Award is presented to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to health and safety over the course of his/her career.