A Timely Focus on Canada’s Natural Gas Industry

For a little over a year now, Canada and countries across the globe have been faced with the difficult reality of COVID-19. The virus, and the lockdowns imposed in response to it, have changed the way citizens interact and do business, dramatically damaging domestic and global economies.

Throughout this difficult time, the gas industry has continued to safely produce, transport, and deliver affordable, reliable, clean energy to millions of customers around the world.  And the industry is well-positioned to help in economic recovery.

For the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and our members in Canada’s natural gas delivery industry, this positioning has been a key focus since early in the pandemic. Our natural gas utilities meet approximately 35% of Canada’s energy needs, and the percentage is growing. Recovery means it could grow faster still.

The International Gas Union’s most recent edition of its Global Voice of Gas magazine features a special focus on Canada’s gas sector and the exciting activities we have underway to help with that recovery. The issue explores, in particular our work on innovation (in fuels, technologies, and processes), and it highlights our recent successful bid to host the International Gas Research Conference (IGRC2024) in 2024 in Banff, Alberta.

In North America, we are coming out of a cold winter that underscored the importance of energy reliability. Our politics are dominated by environmental discussions that underscore the importance of clean energy. And the post-pandemic economic recovery we all want underscores the importance of affordable energy. Natural gas and our delivery systems meet all three concerns:  we invite you to read the articles in this issue of Global Voice of Gas to learn more about how.  And, we encourage you to join the conversation – reach out to news@cga.ca if you have questions or comments.


Timothy M. Egan
President and CEO
Canadian Gas Association

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