Canadian Gas Association writes a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau providing updates from the global LNG2023 Conference in Vancouver

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A3

Subject: LNG2023 Conference Update

Dear Prime Minister,

I write as delegates leave LNG2023 in Vancouver, the most significant conference on liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world, occurring at a time when LNG is the most sought-after fuel to address the global energy security crisis. At an exciting moment in the global energy conversation, Vancouver this week is at the center of it.

In late 2022, an invite was sent to you to address the global energy audience here at LNG2023. We appreciate that scheduling did not permit your participation or that of any senior members of your cabinet. We were thankful for the keynote address from the Minister of Tourism Randy Boissonnault and note from his remarks the following statement: “The development of an at-scale LNG economy is a strategic priority for Canada.” We agree with the Minister and seek to realize this opportunity for Canada and the world.

We are delighted to report that the global community seems to agree as well. The engagement at LNG2023 from around the world has been excellent. We have representatives from 85 countries including Ministers of Energy, Ambassadors, senior public officials and leading industry CEOs. The message for Canada has been clear: the world seeks Canadian LNG and wants Canada to play a more prominent role in meeting future global energy needs.

Another key message from the event is that the energy discussion needs to be a broader one than it has been – not only focused on GHG emissions but more broadly on the energy ‘trilemma,” as many call it, of concerns for the environmental agenda (GHGs plus air, water, and land concerns), affordability and resiliency. Affordability, resiliency and environmental considerations are three comparably important aspects of global energy security today.

But perhaps an even more significant message from the event is the significance of Indigenous engagement in LNG development. One of the most remarkable stories about LNG in Canada today is that Indigenous communities are environmental regulators, partners, investors – and increasingly champions – of projects. The global audience at LNG2023 is seeing this firsthand, and hearing the message from these communities that LNG development in Canada presents a clear and key path to Indigenous economic reconciliation in addition to its many other benefits.

The Canadian Gas Association has been very honoured to have had this opportunity to host the energy world in Vancouver. Natural gas is Canada’s fastest growing energy source, meeting almost 40% of our nation’s energy needs today. We are excited by the opportunity to build on the Canadian value proposition, and take it to the world.

We would be happy to engage with you and members of your cabinet on how we can build on the success of LNG2023.

Thank you for your consideration.



Timothy M. Egan
President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association
Chair, NGIF Capital Corporation

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