CGA Thursday Virtual Roundtable: Measurement and Regulation

Over the past three years, CGA’s Roundtable program has been gaining momentum, and in 2020 we are pleased to introduce a


In Fall 2020, we have rolled out a Webinar and Virtual Roundtable series extending the learning and networking opportunities beyond face-to-face CGA events.

Thursday Virtual Roundtables (TVR)

Time: 1pm EDT
Length: 2hr session
Format: Moderated Discussion

The Thursday Virtual Roundtables (TVR) are designed to build on the format of the in-person Roundtables which take place at the February Operations, Engineering, Integrity and Construction Conference. Each Roundtable will be led by a Chair and, complimenting the WWS sessions, will provide an opportunity for delving deeper into issues along each of the five overall streams. TVR participants will have an opportunity to provide discussion items/questions in advance of each session. The Chair will then lead an interactive discussion based on the submitted content as well as issues that come up during the live session.

Click here to watch a video recording of this session

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