Virtual What’s Current: Who’s Been INNOVATING During Lockdown?

Many organizations have seized the unprecedented opportunity presented by the COVID-19 lockdown, involving a moratorium on travel and significantly modified schedules, to advance various innovations. During this webinar companies will showcase a series of innovations they developed during these challenging months of lockdown.

On a personal level, many have taken up new or old hobbies with some of the new found COVID-19 time. What have you been up to? Cooking? Baking? Reading? Writing? Studying something new? We will kick off our “Who’s been INNOVATING during lockdown?” webinar with a 15 min opportunity to catch up with colleagues whom you haven’t seen in too long a time.


This webinar will provide an opportunity:

  • To hear about significant innovations that have taken place over the past few months of lockdown;
  • To provide a social opportunity for colleagues in the CGA community to connect; and
  • To provide an opportunity to hear about the upcoming fall CGA Wednesday Webinar Series (WWS) and Thursday Virtual Roundtables (TVR).


The session will be moderated. Companies wishing to present will have the option to deliver the presentation in the following formats:

  • A live presentation with slides
  • A prerecorded video presentation

Click here to watch a video recording of the webinar

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