We’re Alive and We’ll Help Canada Recover

Some federal politicians have described the oil and gas industry as dead. Speaking for the downstream natural gas delivery portion of that sector, CGA wishes to respond.

At 36 per cent of Canada’s energy end use, currently on track (according to the Canada Energy Regulator) to hit 40 per cent by 2035, natural gas is far from dead.

Our industry delivers energy to over 20 million Canadians every day. We offer Canada’s most affordable and reliable energy, meeting almost twice the demand of electricity. We save millions of Canadian families hundreds of dollars each month. We keep thousands of businesses and industrial facilities competitive, despite growing tax burdens.

We are incredibly reliable, invariably operating through major storms that can take out electric systems – the same systems that are suggested to replace crude oil fuels and natural gas. In fact, we work closely with those systems, and natural gas is increasingly used for power generation directly, and to back up intermittent electric renewables. We are also constantly improving our performance, delivering on efficiency targets, reducing emissions, developing new innovative technology applications, and more.

Canada has used gaseous fuels in one form or another for over 150 years, and we have hundreds of years of supply still available for use. The resource number is actually growing, as we become better at using what we have, as we find ways to access new conventional and unconventional fuels, and as we develop renewable natural gas and hydrogen as zero-emission gaseous fuels for Canadian homes, businesses and industry.

Suggesting the COVID-19 pandemic provides the opportunity to stop using the enormous competitive asset that is natural gas and its delivery infrastructure amounts to kicking Canadians – all Canadians, because all Canadians benefit – while they are down. It is at best naive, but more accurately reflective of just how out of touch some in the political class have become with what makes our nation work well, and how we serve as an example to the world.

COVID-19 is a dreadful scourge, but the natural gas industry continues to deliver through it, and stands ready to fuel a recovery from it. Natural gas workers are essential frontline workers – as designated by the Government of Canada – and they pride themselves in their ability to work in the face of adversity. They would rather it not come from politicians whose livelihood they help guarantee, but such is the price of being in Canada’s energy sector in these strange times.

We recommend strongly that Canadians, including those in elected office, look at the facts on energy. We offer a number of them on our website and via the recently released Natural Gas Playbook by the Canadian Gas Association – found here.

Thank you,

Timothy M. Egan
President and CEO
Canadian Gas Association

PDF format is available here.

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