2019 marks the fifth anniversary of ENERGY Magazine’s launch. When we first started this publication, our intent was to move away from the typical trade association magazine and bring our members and readers a publication that was fresh and modern, offering content that situates natural gas in the broader energy context – as part of the bigger picture of demand and supply that makes up the energy system. While we have maintained a strong natural gas focus in all our issues, the articles we have published over the last five year have delved into a variety of important energy policy topics and have featured a number of key energy players in Canada and abroad, in order to offer our readers the most up-to-date content on issues and debates around energy.

The energy policy landscape has changed since we first started ENERGY and we have made adjustments to adapt to these changes.  What have not changed, in fact what have become even more definitive, are several energy realities in our country:   Canadians demand safety, they expect reliable delivery, they are intrigued by innovation, they aspire to minimal environmental impacts, and they consider affordability essential.  These realities should inform all energy conversations for all fuels and all technologies. Certainly for us in the natural gas industry, they are guideposts for our actions.

In this first 2019 issue, the articles  address topics such as women in leading executive roles in the natural gas sector; the “Green New Deal” proposal in the U.S.; the transformative potential of liquefied natural gas for Canada; the role governments can play regarding rising energy cost for consumers; and a look at cross-continental energy relations from the perspective of Canadian Ambassador to the United States, David MacNaughton.

I hope that over the years you have enjoyed the articles we have presented, and I hope you enjoy the current issue. As we continue with ENERGY Magazine, I encourage you to contact us and provide your comments, queries, or suggestions: our success is measured in our usefulness for you, the reader.